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Rental Marketing Basics

Market 101

Learn the basic principles of rental advertising.

View Market 101 Class »

Rental Website Building

Market 102

Build a rental website that will bring in leads.

View Market 102 Class »

E-mail Marketing Fundamentals

Market 103

Use e-mail marketing to keep your vacancies filled and tenants happy.

View Market 103 Class »

Lead Qualification Basics

Lease 101

Accurately screen rental leads using effective qualification methods.

View Lease 101 Class »

Staging and Showings

Lease 102

Properly stage rental properties to win over more tenants.

View Lease 102 Class »

Creating Lease and Rental Agreements

Lease 103

Craft a proper lease or rental agreement for your rental property.

View Lease 103 Class »

Customer Service in Rentals

Retain 101

Add value to your rental business with high quality customer service.

View Retain 101 Class »

Maintenance Management

Retain 102

Maintain your property value by up keeping your property.

View Retain 102 Class »

Tenant Retention Strategies

Retain 103

Learn retention tactics to keep your residents renewing their lease.

View Retain 103 Class »

Social Media Fundamentals

Market 201

Learn the basic principals of social media.

View Market 201 Class »

Online Reputation Management

Market 202

Build, manage, and protect your online reputation.

View Market 202 Class »

Apartment Photography and Video

Market 203

Learn how to take high-quality property pictures and video.

View Market 203 Class »

Credit Reports and Reference Checks

Lease 201

Learn how to approve the most reliable and qualified tenant.

View Lease 201 Class »

Fair Housing

Lease 202

Familiarize yourself with Federal Fair Housing laws.

View Lease 202 Class »

Rent Collection

Lease 203

Learn techniques and strategies for getting the rent paid on-time.

View Lease 203 Class »

The Economics of Tenant Retention

Retain 201

Learn about the financial impact that retaining tenants has on your business.

View Retain 201 Class »

Outsourcing Services

Retain 202

Learn how to effectively outsource services to companies and contractors.

View Retain 202 Class »

Dealing with Problem Tenants

Retain 203

Learn the best practices when you encounter a challenging tenant.

View Retain 203 Class »

Mobile Marketing in Rentals

Market 301

Integrate mobile into your rental marketing strategy.

View Market 301 Class »

Mastering the Rental Industry

Market 302

Learn how you could stay on top of the latest news in rentals.

View Market 302 Class »

Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

Market 303

Determine if your rental marketing efforts are worthwhile.

View Market 303 Class »

Avoiding Rental Scams

Lease 301

Prevent yourself from becoming a scam victim.

View Lease 301 Class »

Digitizing the Leasing Process

Lease 302

Get rid of paper in your rental office and use online leasing.

View Lease 302 Class »

Maximizing Your ROI

Retain 301

Maximize the return on investment from your rental properties.

View Retain 301 Class »

Green Rentals

Retain 302

Gain a competitive advantage by offering eco-friendly properties.

View Retain 302 Class »
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