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Suddenly, you can lease from anywhere.

When the leasing process goes digital, things start getting done faster. Things like instant replies to new clients with tailored apartment recommendations. An online application process that's completely transparent. Faster makes for happier tenants.

Capture new leads.

Every ad created through your database comes with its own contact form. And they're all automatically synced to your lead database. You'll know which of your ads are bringing in leads, so you can plan for the future accordingly.

Send listings they'll love.

As soon as your new lead comes through, we'll automatically match them up with listings from your inventory that match their preferences.

6:00 PM  - - Agent Sally commented on Jane Doe: "Jane Doe would like to see the apartment with his family. Bring a dog treat for their terrier named Charlie."
7:30 AM  - - Agent Kevin will be reminded to have a showing, regarding Jane Doe. View Description

Track all their activities.

Our straightforward tool automatically records e-mails, notes, showings, and closings.

Never again wonder if you’ve already taken someone on a showing. Or spend another half hour trying to track down old e-mail conversations. We'll save everything for you, so you can concentrate on closing deals.

Jane Doe
Credit Check: PASS
Background Check: PASS

Approve them online.

Send and receive all of your applications electronically. Zillow Rentals can use your applications to run credit checks, generate forms, and create all that other paperwork that you loathe.

Even on your own forms.

Any organization can put their forms on Zillow Rentals. When they're connected to our online applications, we'll be able to neatly fill out everything for you. Saving you from having to decipher hideous handwriting, or worse...fill everything out yourself.

And it's all available on the go.

Claim leads, send applications, even allow tenants to sign documentation on a smartphone or tablet.

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